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The BPSO Family

30 Apr 2019 | BY BPSO


Gareth and Claire met at the BPSO. They were both single with a common interest in music and a mutual ‘match making’ friend within the orchestra. Claire plays first violin and Gareth plays cello. Their eyes didn’t meet across a crowded orchestra pit mainly because the conductor would block their line of sight but through the many social gatherings which are associated with a weekend, residential orchestra they grew more and more close.

Although the orchestra has members from all over the country, they were travelling separately without realising they lived less than 10 miles from each other.

12 years on they are still in the orchestra, they have 2 wonderful children, sharing a lift to rehearsals and making great music together.

If you’d like to be part of the BPSO family contact us on* or just simply come to one of our concerts. Find out what’s going on here.

*Don’t worry you don’t need to be single nor can we guarantee you meeting ‘the one!’