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BPSO Highland Cathedral

25 Jan 2021 | BY BPSO

Celebrating Burns’ Night the Highland Way.
Sláinte Mhath! Good Health to all from the BPSO and friends.

Recorded in isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic, this recording of Highland Cathedral reunites the BPSO with friends from Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band and the Scottish Police and Community Choir, following our premiere performance of this arrangement at The Royal Albert Hall in May, 2019.

We are grateful to the Roever family and Michael Korb for their constant support of the orchestra and remain enormously proud of our very own, John Chapman, arranger of this version and a stalwart member of our French Horn Section.

The BPSO is a unique force of volunteers. In a typical year we travel throughout the UK, once a month, for an entire weekend in order to rehearse and perform, clocking up a total of 7,865 hours playing music together. Due to lockdown and restrictions, we have not seen each other since March 2020.

We miss each other and our audiences enormously and cannot wait for the time when we can be together again. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy Highland Cathedral, a true favourite of ours, reflecting as it does the initial isolation of each of us as we recorded at home and the power of music to overcome this and to unite everyone.