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PC Khurram – PC Danny’s able assistant

07 Jan 2020 | BY BPSO

PC Danny solved his greatest case at our annual matinee at Symphony Hall, Birmingham. But he couldn’t do it all by himself. Meet PC Khurram and his account from his day with the BPSO.

Not all heroes wear capes and have magical powers, some comes with a cello and a violin and spread joys to all.
7th of December 2019 marked another day of great music and an extra ordinary display of talents. I was fortunate to be asked to co-present with PC Danny at Birmingham Symphony Hall’s Matinee show called “The Greatest Policeman”.
The show was presented by PC Danny (Metropolitan Police) and co-presented by myself and the British Police Symphony Orchestra for an hour-long action-packed adventure for children and families.
PC Danny faced his greatest case and requested Hampshire Constabulary’s officer’s help to solve it.
It was a free concert, aimed at family members of all ages and was attended by more than 1500 people. It was very highly energetic, noisy and interactive.
The BPSO has never failed to lift our spirits. Their music reflects true devotion and selflessness. Group of people committed to one cause and one cause only. Making people happy.
The musicians, who are all part of the wider police family, give up their time completely free and, as a national organisation, the BPSO plays a unique ambassadorial role in terms of police and community engagement put a magnificent show.
In recognition of my contribution to the matinee concert, Chair of the BPSO Chief Constable Gareth Morgan Staffordshire Police honoured me with an invite as VIP for the evening at our ‘Proms Night Spectacular!’ concert on the same day, also in Symphony Hall.
As a proud member of Hampshire Constabulary I am very fortunate to have an opportunity to represent my force in these majestic national events.